AirPlay by Google

Airplay Google
In the world of media streaming, there is plethore of offers now, but we are still left with little to no result when we are looking for a standard. Basically, as the streaming is most likely involving a smartphone or tablet as the source, the controller or the renderer, we have then to find something that works with the mobile platforms.

So far, I think that Windows phone have a too little market share to represent what should be the standard, although we have to note that Microsoft did a pretty good job on the integration, recent owner of a Win8 laptop, I can vouch that the improvements in that matter are quite huge, though the library management is still not on par with the best media players (at least in my taste).

Extremetech has here an interesting article about what Google needs to work on to get their standard to compete with Airplay. Because yes, here, I am not shy to admit that so far, Airplay is for sure the easiest solution to implement, even though it has its limitations.

This article is almost a year old but unfortunately, the changes since then have been rather …slim.

Google, please get yourself together and release us something that will really launch the music streaming for the masses.