Home Entertainment

Modern Living Room (by Flavius C)

The main reason I created ChezMemes is when I wanted to get my Home Entertainment system to work… Manufacturers are bringing more and more devices on the market to build a killer house-wide system, over the last few years, we went from some electronic devices that use quite a bit of technology to pure technology marvels that can all work together in one unique and wonderful Home Entertainment system, well, that is the promise and as a user we are often left with a taste of deception when we end up not getting that wonder we were promised.

The system I present you here is one example, not THE absolute example. There are actually many different choices possible and one will choose the system based on his/her needs. I however think that this setup will fit most of us as it is versatile, flexible, easy to maintain and (relatively) cheap.

But what is Home Entertainment?

It actually covers quite a lot of things, basically at soon as something is entertaining at home, it becomes Home Entertainment. For our case, I will limit it to :

  • Video watching
  • Music Listening
  • Video games playing

Future, not past

Also, as our target is to prepare the home for the future, I will not talk (or just briefly) about the old technologies, I assume you have them all installed already or you do not want it, anyway, we are not building a retro system (well, almost).

Let’s dig into it

This Home entertainment system will be introduced in 2 parts, the first one is for the Video watching and Music Listening, the second will then be the Video Game playing.

Video Watching and Music Listening

The house is not one room (at least for most of us), so what we need is a system that is spreading the media (Music and Video) all around the house. For that, we will use our Home Server to store all media and serve them around the house using an amazing program called Plex. It will of course requires that our Network Infrastructure is up and running and strong enough to accommodate all that traffic.

In each room, we’ll then have a media player to do whatever we want to do. I will explain you how to put it together for 50 US$ each, although many options are available for higher price tags..

Video Game Playing

The video game front is a bit dangerous for me to talk about without waking up a big bad troll of some sort. But well, there are few valuable options to look into. So let’s detail it.


Image credit :Flavius-C