Ubuntu 15.10 is here

As every 6 months, Canonical came up with their new release of their award-winning Linux distribution. It is time for Ubuntu 15.10 also known as Willy Werewolf, perfectly in time for Halloween.

What’s new in this release, well, not that much and except the traditional software updates, the main thing to note is that it now uses the 4.0 kernel with all the bug fixes and improvements it brings.

15.10 is a non-LTS release that means it is coupled with a dot release for the LTS, here it would then be 14.04.3.

As usual, the different flavours of Ubuntu as well upgraded to 15.10, let me give you below the different links.

If you are already running Ubuntu or one of its flavours, you will get soon (if not already) a notification to do the upgrade through the usual update manager. If you are not yet running Ubuntu, if you want to change flavour or simply re-install afresh, you can now download the flavour of choice and install it on your machine.

Happy upgrade!!!