Welcome in my place!!! As you could have guessed, my name is Memes. Well actually, this is my nickname, you figured it out too, right? If you want to know more about me, just go to my introduction website.

What Chez Memes is all about?

Modern Living Room (by Flavius C)After struggling a bit to put together my entertainment system/home network at my place, I decided that something should be done for all the people who, like me, want to take full advantage of the technology but do not know where to start. I then started Chez Memes to guide users through the complex and sometimes painful process of having all pieces of technology working together, seamlessly and most importantly with low to no maintenance. The first project as I said was the Home Entertainment system, coupled with the Home Server setup.

Focus is there to have as little maintenance as possible while enjoying the most of it. From what I saw from the behavior of all people, we are ready to go great length to set something up, no fear to go through the 100 steps guide (thank you Ikea to have taught us that 🙂 ). But the other certainty, I acquired during those many months and years of tinkering is that once we finally made it, nothing is pissing us off more than having to maintain it for hours every month.

So in the following guides, maintenance, or lack thereof, will be one of the major concerns.

GardenWell, this is the first part of Chez Memes. The second being the garden. You might be now thinking : “The Garden? What the heck?”. Yes, the garden! In my pursuit of having my home prepared for the future, I ended up on the topic of the heavy burden that the growing human population has on our mother Earth. Well, that and the fact that I am a country guy, I started gardening and growing my own food on my rooftop. I will then here try to help you guys to as well start this very interesting and rewarding activity.

If you are not up to that now, maybe when the multiple food scandals will start to tickle you, you will feel that it is time to take your health in your own hand and grow your own food. Well, all that but also because it is truly tastier that what you find in most grocery stores because you harvest it just right.

And to keep up in that ever changing world, I try to forward you some news of interest through the blog section of that website.

So, Welcome in my humble abode and enjoy the tour!

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