Living Room

Living-Room-by-MantasitoThe Living Room is the main room of many, if not all, Home Entertainment systems. That is mainly due to history, back in the 20th century, when TV appeared in the household, people wanted to enjoy it with the whole family, therefore, put it in the main room of the house which happens to be the Living Room. All entertainment systems have been then built around that centerpiece.

Nowadays, the living room is still very important in the Home Entertainment, it is the place where you spend quality time with your family, where you most likely receive your friends when they come over to visit. It has to be the room with the most tech gear, or at least with the most wonderful one. Here are some of the key elements for a nice living room entertainment.

First and most likely most important device in the living room would then be the TV. You have there a huge choice, technologies, size of the screen, additional features,… In the dedicated page, I’ll go into the different points to help you make your choice.

Second device will be necessary if you want to have a more extensive installation. I am talking here about the amplifier. Here again, some advice and discussions about what is important and what is not, at least for the installation I’ll introduce you.

This amplifier, or should I say receiver will then be the hub that caters all sources and redirect them to the renderers that are the speakers and the display.

Image credit : mantasito