GardenEvery house has a garden, even those tiny apartments in crowded cities such as New York, Tokyo or Hong-Kong. It can be a big yard from the country side farm or just a windowsill, a garden would just be a place where you can grow plants. For the lucky among us who own, or at least live, in a house with a yard, the garden is given, but for the big majority of us, living in crowded cities, a garden is not a given fact.

But a garden is a necessity, it recreates a connection with nature. Having just one plant in a room put life back in. A nice living room with state of the art furniture and latest technologies will remain fade until you put a single plant in it.

That is to say that if you do not have already, get your garden started. That is not difficult. That is not expensive. It just takes a bit of time but you will gain so much more out of it, those organic natural shapes and colors will transform your place.

If you grow something, grow food!

Fresh ProduceSo yes, it takes a bit of time, so why not capitalize on it and have not only the eyecandy of the organic shapes given by plants but as well get some actual food out of it.

You might not be able to sustain your food needs, but just having the pinch of rosemary you need to cook your chicken or few basil leaves to accompany your tomatoes would be already great, no?

I’ll try to guide you through different methods of gardening that are applicable to different gardens, from the standard gardening to the table top growing box, going through methods such as Square Foot Gardening or Aquaponics. You’ll see that there are many many ways you can grow food in your living place.