The website is slowly taking off, I was right to adopt a CMS, that gives me a huge flexibility for the updates, I can also create a structure much more elaborated without having to build heavy code. Not to mention the huge number of plugins available, I can now add functionalities in just a few clics, that is really so much easier.

Well, all this let me create already few pages and I am still working on it. I already almost catch up the content from the old website, at least for the home entertainment part.

eHome launch

Here it is! I am tired to do everything from scratch as it eats all the time I have to do my website. I then decided to start the dragon year with a new site engine and I then turn to Drupal to get the core part. I can now focus on the content of the website (what matters actually) rather than on developping functionalities that have nothing special. It will be a bit of a bumpy road for few weeks, the time I recreate the content from the old version.

This adoption of a CMS will also match with a new site structure. I decided to provide you with a view of an eHome room by room, with some kind of sample rooms to give ideas of different setups.

My french buddies will also need to wait a bit before I release a french version, I need firstly to get familiar with the CMS settings.

I expect that this change will bring the website to a bit bigger frequentation.

From now on, only 1 word to say : Enjoy!